My Dental Mission

Here we are with the new site! It was a long time that I wanted to put it online but I had never succeeded due to lack of time. And now that the coVID-19 national emergency has forced me and my dental colleagues home, I certainly don’t feel like making so many propaganda proclamations.

I will simply tell about my experience as a dentist and my philosophy of treatment, matured over years of study and deepening.

Teeth are organs that, although they may not please the majority of the population as a topic of discussion, have something extraordinary. They are in fact designed by Mother Nature to withstand considerable forces (up to over 200kg/mmq) and endure daily repeated work cycles for years without breaking. Currently, there are few human engineering works that can equate load resistance and effort break.

Despite being near-perfect micro-machines, they need maintenance to continue their daily work. As a result, it is my opinion that the first weapon available is prevention. Prevention in two times: at home and at the outpatient level.

The home level is represented by all the home hygiene measures (brush, flossing, mouthwash) that the patient must put in place to safeguard the dental heritage. Hence my commitment to clearly explain to the patient how to use all the necessary devices.

Outpatient prevention is represented by minimal maintenance interventions that serve to intercept a possible pathology at an early and minor stage. Example: better to intercept a superficial tooth decay than a deep, cure better and from fewer complications.

All interventions are aimed at a single goal: TENERE THE DEES IN BOCCA.

This is a thought in contrast to the continuous advertising slogans that advertise dental implants at all go. Dental implants are an excellent therapeutic aid and must be used judiciously when the tooth is considered hopeless.

I myself put implants, but in comparison SALVO VERY MORE LESS COMPROMESSI

Periodic prevention interventions, such as professional oral hygiene, ultra-conservative filling of tooth decay, monitoring of gum health, treatment for periodontitis (piorrea) are just a few procedures that will allow you to maintain your teeth and save on much longer, more expensive and insecopsous reconstructive treatments.

Briefly summarizing my working philosophy: Prevention interventions and minimally invasive interventions to extend life to dental elements.

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